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Jane O'Brien Singer, Songwriter

Jane O'Brien combines the soulful yearning of a traditional Irish singer with the warm timbre of a jazz diva. Currently she can be heard in a variety of line-ups: Singing her own songs solo with guitar and bodhrán or leading the Jane O'Brien Band. Singing Irish and English Folk with the Starboard Sallys, or as a soloist singing swing and gospel with The Savoy Big Band:

Jane O'Brien Band

Jane O'Brien Band

Lounge jazzpop, with chilled out beats and Irish roots.   more »

Starboard Sallys

Starboard Sallys

Rousing, whimsical and haunting folk from Ireland and the wider British Isles.   more »

Jane and The Savoy Big Band Band

The Savoy Big Band feat. Jane O'Brien

Swing and gospel with the Savoy Big Band.   more »

A Passionate Performer

Jane is a dynamic and passionate performer with a rich elastic alto voice who sings from the heart and does not hide behind show, but bares her soul in both her lyrics and in the emotion she brings to every performance.

Never Fails to Move Her Listeners

Jane has played with so many wonderful musicians at a wide variety of clubs, festivals and arts centres all around Germany, Spain and Ireland and has never failed to move her listeners, stop people from sitting still and leave audiences wanting much more.   read more about Jane »

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