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Jane O'Brien Band

Together with her band she has developed her own original sound – a spicy mix of jazz and pop, with chilled out beats and Irish roots, tempered with passion and and the richness and pathos of her jazz/folk voice.

When it comes to material for a song, Irish singer songwriter Jane O'Brien leaves nothing undisturbed. Her songs are a snapshot album of her experiences and observations. Songs such as “Banshee” or “Sanctuary” contain the cry and longing of her Irishness whereas “I‘m never coming back” an answer to telephone terror, “My time” or “Peacetime” reveal the raw honesty and guts which is typical of Jane O‘Brien.

Her roots are firmly based in jazz, folk and pop, but she will delve into other styles to suit a song, such as the drum + bass inspired “Blooming”.

Jane O'Brien takes the listener on a journey through today's world, showing us people and situations we can all relate to.

Torge Niemann (guitars) , Ralf Kamphuis (vibraphone), Karlo Buerschaper (bass) and Ralf Steinhauer (percussion/drums)


“Comfort Zone”

“Room of My Own”